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Managed IT Plans

Elevate your business with our Managed IT Plans, where skilled professionals handle your IT needs. This means more time for your core activities, driving growth and boosting profits.

Experience seamless integration with your existing systems, enjoying robust support for computers, software, networks, printers, devices and more. Our plans include robust cyber defences to keep you protected from cyber threats, ensuring the safety of you, your employees, and your valuable data.

Ready for frustration-free IT? Check out our plans below and find the one that's right for you and your business!

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The Plans



Get Started Today!

After reviewing our plans, the next step is simple: reach out to us! Book a Free 30-Minute IT Consultation to discuss your business' specific needs and goals. Whether you're looking to streamline operations or enhance cybersecurity, we're here to help.

Don't delay—schedule your consultation today and unlock the power of Less Annoying IT.

Free 30 Minute IT Consultation

Book Your

Free 30 Minute
IT Consultation

A quick call with me, Mark Feetham, where we can discuss your IT needs for your business!

What are the benefits of a Managed IT Plan?

Fortified Security

Our Managed IT plans offer top-tier security, keeping your data safe and your mind at ease.

Streamlined Efficiency

With our Managed IT solutions, focus on your business while we handle the tech intricacies, maximizing your team's efficiency.

One Simple Plan

Say goodbye to surprise expenses with our Managed IT plans. Enjoy predictable costs and seamless maintenance for uninterrupted operations.

What Our Clients Say

"Mark has been looking after us since 2019. He is amazing. He always takes our calls. He either remotes in or attends our site to assess what the problem is. I recommend him highly."

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