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Let's get you cyber certified today

We provide the UK’s leading Cyber Essentials certification. We’ll have you certified fast. No jargon. No endless back and forth. And all the expert guidance you need to pass first time.

Getting You
Cyber Essentials Certified

What is Cyber Essentials and why should you care?

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme designed to help organisations protect against cyber attacks. Through the scheme, organisations receive a certification to show that they are working to secure themselves against cyber threats.

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There are two levels of certification:

Cyber Essentials
- Self-assessment to help protect against common cyber attacks

- Shows you how to address the basics of cyber security

- Protects you against the majority of cyber attacks at the low level

- Makes you a less desirable target to high level cyber criminals

Cyber Essentials Plus

- A hands-on technical verification is carried out by an independent auditor

- You are assessed that your cyber security measures meet their standards

So what can
Less Annoying IT do?

It all starts with a complimentary assessment of where you are today with your cyber countermeasures. You'll receive a report and guidance on how you can better protect your business.


Then, we can either supply the tools and framework for you to complete the assessment yourself, or we can complete the process for you, whichever best suits you, your time and your skillset!

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But we offer more than just certification...

Not only can we help to get you certified. but we also provide active benefits when you get certified with Less Annoying IT:

Get in touch today so we can get you certified!

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