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Post It Passwords on PC!!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We were called out to help a client set up a label printer and customise the templates to incorporate their logo. No problem at all!

What was more of a concern was how this user managed their plethora of passwords. We've seen some sites but we've never before seen a laptop completely covered in passwords stuck all over the keyboard area.

If you have to ask why this is a bad idea...the office is a shared space. The PC is left unattended. Visitors come and go. It's taken to external meetings. It's taken to coffee shops and pretty much everywhere. So everyone it comes into contact with now has or had access to the passwords! Not to mention that it doesn't look very professional.

If you know someone that's struggling to remember passwords, cant face the thought of 2 Factor Authentication, then send them our way. We can make creating, managing, using and storing passwords completely pain free. Your business and your professionalism will be protected and... less annoying!

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